Avalon.Devious heads to MSI Grand League Finals!

1 May No Comments admin E-Sports, News

Avalon.Devious sweeps MSI Grand League Qualifier 4 in style

Besting the likes of Orange Esports and SpectruM Avalon.Devious advances to the MSI Grand League Finals in June. Playing Mirage in both games, Avalon.Devious stampedes through the competition 16-8 against SpectruM and 16-4 against Orange Esports. Orange Esports looked strong in the opening rounds but was quickly shut down by quick rotations and forced delays. Dominating the economy Avalon.Devious forced Orange Esports into an pseudo ECO at round 20 closing the game out 16-4. With this win Avalon.Devious proceeds to the MSI Grand League final in June.

Devious Wins MSI Grand League

from left to right: Ryan “Mnnp” Oon, Jorell “Retla” Teo,  Marcus “nephh” Tan, Ranny “MyeHvz” Leong, Danial “RedKoh” Hakim.